Independent air passageway design, no impact on cabinets, no odor residue

With the front exhaust structure, all air intake and heat dissipation in the front. Combined with the super-powerful cooling fan, it will not affect the interior of the cabinet. No additional ventilation channels required for the installation of the product, which can be directly installed in the reserved position by means of integrated built-in mode

Microwave + Lightwave, the interaction of double heat power
Express menu makes cooking more convenient

To facilitate the operation, built-in 8 shortcut menus with one-button start-up allows more convenient and clear use, making cooking easier and more fun

Technical Parameters

Certification: /Product Size (mm)(W×D): 595X385X368
Built-in Size (mm)(W×D×H): Half built-in560X360X550 Full built-in598X388X550Voltage: 220-240V 50/60Hz
Input Power(W): Microwave mode:1350 Grill mode:850Output Power(W): 800
Microwave Frequency (MHz): 2450Cavity Vol. (L): 25
Net Weight (kg): 20Gross Weight (kg): 22
Packing-Box Size (mm): 696X474X490Volume (m³): 0.161

Installation Diagram

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