Microwave Oven 25800K-C2G GRS – Fotile



Microwave Oven 25800K-C2G GRS – Fotile

Introducing the Microwave Oven 25800K-C2G GRS – Fotile, an exceptional choice for those seeking swift and effortless meal heating. The Fotile built-in microwave oven 25800K-C2G GRS features a dual heating system, ensuring rapid and uniform cooking.

Available at an affordable price of PKR 215,000 in Pakistan, this microwave oven boasts an independent ventilation system, effectively dispersing hot air from the front panel and extracting odors to maintain a fresh kitchen ambiance.

Enhancing convenience, its Instant Cooking Menu simplifies the cooking process.

In summary, the Microwave Oven 25800K-C2G GRS – Fotile offers reliability and affordability, making it a compelling choice for discerning consumers. Explore further options of Fotile Microwave Ovens for added variety.

The Fotile Microwave Oven 25800K-C2G GRS is an excellent choice for those who want a fast and easy way to heat their meals.

Fotile built-in microwave oven 25800K-C2G GRS

Its dual heating system ensures that the meal is cooked quickly and evenly.

Fotile Microwave oven price in Pakistan

Furthermore, the microwave oven’s price in Pakistan is an affordable PKR 215,000. The independent ventilation system allows hot air to be discharged from the front panel, as well as odors extracted, keeping your kitchen smelling fresh and free of any residual odors.

Moreover, its Instant Cooking Menu makes the cooking process easier and more convenient.

All in all, this is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable microwave oven. Check more variety of  Fotile Microwave Ovens


Control Mode
Touch control
Black tempered glass
Capacity (L)
Heating Types
Microwave + grill
Express Cooking Menu
Rated Voltage
220-240v 50/60Hz
Rated Input Power (W)
Microwave 1350W, Grill 850W
Microwave Output Power (W)
Microwave Frequency (MHz)
Dimension W x D (mm)
595 x 385 x 368

With the Fotile Microwave Oven 25800K-C2G GRS, you get great value and convenience all in one.