Range Hood AMG9007-i



Range Hood AMG9007-i: Elevating Kitchen Ventilation Standards

Enhanced Performance – Brushless DC Inverter (BLDC):

Experience greater power and efficiency with the Brushless DC (BLDC) motor, boasting a maximum static pressure of 950 Pa. Capable of efficiently navigating complex air ducts and intricate installation areas. The Range Hood AMG9007-i swiftly refreshes all kitchen air within 1.5 minutes while maintaining low noise levels at just 43 db.

Proximity – Enhanced Extraction of Cooking Smoke:

Positioned just 335mm from the hob, the Fotile X Series efficiently captures cooking fumes right at their origin. With a suction cup spanning 900mm wide, it swiftly intercepts cooking fumes, preventing their dispersion.

Innovative Rear Fume Design:

The rear fume design facilitates a 180° rotation of the fume extraction motor, significantly reducing the distance traveled by cooking fumes and directing them along a direct path. Optimized Nautilus air channels minimize wind resistance and noise, ensuring seamless collection, extraction, and expulsion of cooking fumes.

Intelligent – Enhanced Air Distribution:

Experience advanced smoke detection coupled with motion sensors, enabling gesture-controlled opening, and closing of the hood. Employ the Left and Right Power Steerers to channel extracted power towards 70% of either side of the hood, boosting air pressure by up to 50% upon activation.

Enhanced Efficiency – Intelligent Air Distribution:

Equipped with a BLDC motor featuring noise reduction technologies, the Range Hood AMG9007-i operates at a minimal noise level of 43dB. Its innovative filter-free design with a glass frame allows for convenient maintenance—simply wipe to regain its original shine.

Experience unparalleled ventilation performance and innovative features with the Range Hood AMG9007-i, setting new standards for kitchen ventilation excellence.

Technical Parameters:

Certification: CB

Control Type: wave/touch

Product Size(mm)(W×D×H): 897x317x (981-1360)

Delay Shutoff: 2min

Power Supply: 220-240V 50Hz

Screen Lock: Y

Max Static Pressure (Pa): 950

Intelligent Air Management: N

CFM: 1360

Oil Filtration Rate: 92%

Noise Level(dB): 47

Smell Reduction Rate: 97%

Illumination Power in LED: 10W

Motor power(W): 258

Motor: BLDC

Oil Filtration Rate: 92%

Oil Filter: Oil-free mesh

No. of Speeds Fan Control: 2 + T