Fotile Pakistan redefines what it means to live at home. We offer a premium selection of kitchen and home appliances that expertly combine innovation, utility, and aesthetics. We are pleased to offer you the best range of kitchen appliances, crafted to meet your various culinary requirements.

Discover Supreme Quality in Kitchen Appliances

Fotile, the leading brand of kitchen appliances, is committed to revolutionizing your cooking and home experience and is renowned for its creativity and quality. We provide you with the most cutting-edge home solutions available!

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We now have six product lines: range hoods, built-in hobs, built-in microwave ovens, built-in ovens, built-in steam ovens, and sink dishwashers.

Look through our selection of appliances:

Fotile Range Hoods:

With our cutting-edge range hoods, you can improve the ambiance of your kitchen. These are really effective and have a pleasing appearance. They are the industry standard for kitchen appliances in Pakistan, guaranteeing a fresh and smoke-free kitchen atmosphere.


Enjoy your love of cooking with the adaptable hobs from Fotile. Regardless of your preference for the accuracy of Electric Hobs or the timeless appeal of Gas Hobs, our selection provides a cooking experience unmatched. Home appliances that prioritize performance without sacrificing style will let you unleash your inner chef.


With Fotile ovens, discover a world of baking possibilities. Our selection of beautiful ovens meets the needs of any baking aficionado, from the style of electric ovens to the practicality of microwave ovens and the ingenuity of steam ovens. A testament to Fotile’s dedication to bringing state-of-the-art technology into your kitchen is the 4 In 1 Oven.

Sink Dish Washer

Use Fotile’s Sink Dish Washer to streamline your cleaning process after cooking. These are made with convenience and efficiency in mind. They guarantee immaculate dishes without the trouble, giving you more time to enjoy the comforts of your home.

Air Purifiers

Put the health of your family first with Fotile Air Purifiers. The state-of-the-art filtration technology makes your home a comfortable and healthful retreat by guaranteeing clean and fresh air in your living areas.


FOTILE is the leading kitchen appliances brand and is committed to providing innovation and excellence to its customers. FOTILE has grown rapidly over the years, and now has over 200 million customers. The company’s products are available in over 50 countries worldwide. FOTILE is dedicated to making life better for families all over the world.



FOTILE implements a modern Confucian management model, actively participating in the promotion of traditional culture, charity, environmental protection, and other public welfare undertakings, and strives to practice corporate social citizenship.


The Fotile X series can capture cooking smoke directly from the source.



Butterfly Wing Ring Suction technology,Easy and effortless cleaning.



Instant ignition, giving you roaring flames the moment you demand it



Extra-wide smoke intake and super-quiet powerful suction allowing deep frying.



There are more than 30,000,000+ families currently enjoying FOTILE quality living. With the evolution of technology, cooking has become easier than ever. The FOTILE team is always looking for ways to make life in kitchens more convenient and fulfilling with their innovative appliances that are made specifically by experts who know what they’re doing!


FOTILE is a company that excels in many aspects. We have 16000+ employees all over the world, including some who work at their design facilities outside of South Korea and Japan as well as high end kitchen production equipment for restaurants across China.


Experience FOTILE Products in person at any one of our 1500+ showrooms. Our global network of 1500+ service centers is available to answer your every question, no matter what time of day


FOTILE is a leader in the industry with more than 700+ authorized patents. Fotile’s achievements speak volumes about its ability not only provide quality products but also offer them at competitive prices – this makes Fotile one-of-a kind company that you cannot afford miss out on

Why Buy from Fotile?

Fotile has quickly risen to prominence in the market as a leader in both culinary innovation and improving lifestyles. Our products have grown from small beginnings to a global presence and are now an essential component of kitchens everywhere. We are a worldwide family dedicated to making your everyday activities more efficient and joyful than simply a brand.

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